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Welcome all entrepreneurs, side-giggers, dreamers, hustlers and small business owners!

I created the Launch Party Society to help people like you create a business and website that represents your unique vision.

In addition to offering productivity, design and website help, being part of the Society connects you with like-minded makers and service providers who want to get better at what we do, grow our businesses and enjoy a well-lived life.

I host events every month that are all about how to take the next specific step you need to reach your goals.

This work is important to me because a few years ago I felt very stuck. Completely. Stuck. My heart knew I wasn’t working in the way I was meant to, and I was completely lost in how to get out of my situation.

After a lot experimentation, classes, reading, reflection, and saving money, I took a huge risk and quit my day job to start a different kind of journey. I’m so glad I took that first step and kept on stepping.

It can be challenging and lonely work to do your own thing, yet extremely rewarding.

That’s why I also love to celebrate the effort each of us makes in starting new business ideas with the Launch Party Society.

I love being able to share my expertise with others so that you can build a business where you are doing the work you love too.

Contact me today and let’s talk about how you can reach your next goal.

~ Kat


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