Squarespace Secret: Replace the Black Box Browser Icon


Get rid of the black box for good!

It takes just a few minutes to replace the default browser icon - the favicon - with your own design.

Design your favicon

  • First, create your icon. A lot of companies will use their logo, a simplified version of their logo or a single color to represent their brand. Keep in mind that this image is very small: 16px x 16px. You can use any design program and save your file as a png.
  • No logo yet? If you're still working on your logo, you can use a solid color shape as your favicon, such as a solid square, circle or triangle.
  • Even though you saved your file as a png, we're going to convert it to an ico file so all browsers will recognize it (IE doesn't recognize png's for the favicon file, and most design programs on won't let you save your favicon as a png because...Microsoft).
  • Just go to this website to convert the file: http://www.favicon.cc/

Update in Squarespace

  • In the left menu, go to Design, then Logo & Title
  • Scroll down to the favicon section
  • Drag your favicon file to upload
  • Click save at the top of the menu

That's it!

Refresh the page and check out your new icon