Questions to Set Your Monthly Goals

Do you set big goals only to find you aren't as far as you'd hope?

Don't beat yourself! It's so easy for us to get caught up in what we haven't done. We are our own worst critics and I bet you've made so much more progress than you think.

How can we more focus on what we've done and less on the things we haven't?

Recently, I've started a new monthly technique of asking specific questions that reflect on my progress so far and my vision for the upcoming month. The To Do list that won't go away - it isn't on part of this practice at all.

Celebrate your success monthly goal questionnaire

1. What's on thing you are most proud of accomplishing in February?

2. What thoughts, habits or processes helped you achieve the best results?

3. What challenges did you face, and how did you learn from them?

4. What do you need help and where can you get help from?

5. What's the one thing you want to achieve in February and what are three milestones you can track to reach it?

I encourage you to practice this exercise each month and you can see your progress over the entire year!